Installing Faucet on hosting

1. Open the Control Panel on your hosting and find MySQL Database Wizard

2. Create a database with chosen name

3. Create a user with chosen name, save the password

4. Download the Faucet Script

5. Unzip the downloaded file and edit config.php. $dbuser, $dbpass and $dbname have to match these from Control Panel

6. Upload all files from the faucet_script directory to your server's public_html directory

7. Now open your Faucet. You should get a generated password that you should copy immediately

8. Enter the copied password from the previous screen to login to your Faucet Admin panel

9. You should see a panel similar to this one.

10. Enter your keys for captcha.

11. Enter your API keys from wallet.

12. Make sure you don't see this error on saving your settings.

11. Your faucet should be working now